Which of the medication will relieve you from erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction

The emergence of the male impotency leads him into shock, causing depression and decadent mood. Erectile dysfunction is a medical term which every man is so afraid of, because it literally puts an end to his personal, intimate sex life. This illness is ashamed to tell even a doctor, although it is imperative.

Erectile dysfunction, or, to put it simply, impotency is the common name of the large number of possible forms and manifestations of sexual dysfunction in men. Therefore, regardless of the stage and nature of the treatment of erectile dysfunction you should begin with the establishment of its reasons on the basis of an integrated approach.

Stress, poor environment and a range of other factors increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Due to the large number of possible factors, diagnosis is crucial to determine the means and methods of treatment using tablets or other forms of preparations.

In most cases, simple treatment of erectile dysfunction and disease can be eliminated (pills, injections, ointments, etc..). The key to success is the relationship the treatment with the nature of disorders in each case. If the development of impotency is provoked by any illness, specially selected drugs (usually pills), which are widely presented at Melbourne Chemist,  are used, corresponding to the patient’s health.

The main criteria in this case are no side effects, recurrence dysfunction, effectiveness and good reviews. The same can be said about the medicines used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction caused by psycho-factors (mainly sedatives). However, in the latter case psychotherapy has great importance. Often, impotency has combined nature, i.e. it is not only pathogen but also psychogenic. Therefore, for the treatment and prevention medicaments (tablets, and other forms of preparations) and non-pharmaceutical products are used.

Great importance is attached to a healthy way of life, adherence, auditory training, diet and exercise.

How to deal with.

Pharmacological agents are available, usually in tablets and contribute to the increase and hardening of the penis for full coitus. Drugs should be used only under medical recommendation. Specialist appoints tablets, depending on the causes and side effects for each individual person. Using drugs without a prescription does not bring the proper result, but rather, on the contrary, may impair health.

Dosing of drugs depends on the specifics of the drug. They may be used either orally (tablets) and by injection into the penis body (injections).

Modern science has developed many products for the treatment of impotency. The quality and the result of their application is not in doubt.

Treatment of impotency is usually carried out by administering medication drugs inside. In some cases, patients are underwent surgical intervention, not less common treatment for erectile dysfunction by psychology. Also, quite often impotency is treated using drugs that are injected directly into the penis.

Surefire Way to Improve Male Fertility

Surefire Way to Improve Male Fertility

First, let’s define what a man’s fertility is. In order to improve the process of conceiving, the man must have no less than 40 million sperm per ejaculate. More than 40% of couples who cannot conceive a child, have a problem with the semen analysis of the partner. Preparation for the conceiving starts with an analysis of semen; it will show the quality of the male ejaculate.

Reducing the number of sperm is due to many reasons, such as:

  • frequent cycling;
  • poor food allowance;
  • excessive overheating of the body.

And now let’s look at the main points, which can improve male fertility and affect conceiving.

Ways of Improving Male Fertility

To improve male fertility, it is constantly necessary to enrich the organism with vitamins A, E, B and C, and micro elements such as selenium and zinc. Zinc which is fully present in oysters is the main component of testosterone. It also helps to maintain a level of seminal fluid and sperm preserves healthy. Body mass index less than 20 can lead to infertility, at the same time, any index above 25, and can reduce sperm counts by 22%. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the body-mass index is only one indicator of health status measurement.

Healthy Diet – is an excellent preparation for conceiving, together with regular daily exercise at least of 30 minutes, will help to strengthen your health.

Bad Habits and Effect on Fertility

Alcohol and drugs have a direct negative impact on the reduction in sperm count, so to increase male fertility it should be possible to avoid the use of alcohol, and completely eliminate the intake of drugs. Smoking, in particular, leads to damage of sperm (mature male germ cells), which may adversely affect the newborn.

According to many experts, marijuana reduces the number of sperm and seminal fluid, and thus increases the number of abnormal forms of sperm unable to fertilize ovum.

The preparations containing micro elements such as:

  • vitamin C;
  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • coenzyme Q10;

…positive effect on the process of spermatogenesis among men – and for men it would be an indispensable preparation for conceiving.

Scientists` Acknowledgments about Male Fertility Awareness

Scientists consider that growing popularity of assisted reproductive technologies, which are used to help men suffering from impaired spermatogenesis, reflects the decrease in the level of male fertility in Europe. Earlier infertility has traditionally been a problem of both sexes in equal measure. However, recent trends outlined in the report of the European Commission of Human Reproduction and Embryology, point out that this picture is beginning to change.

Male infertility problem becomes more acute, while the situation with female fertility improves.

Scientists have identified the statistical data in regard to male infertility:

  1. Peak of fertility is usually observed among men up to 25 years with a gradual decrease after 40.
  2. One of the most threatening infections, sexually transmitted is by far the Chlamydial infection.
  3. If the disease is detected and treated at an early stage, 85.7 percent of couples achieve a desired pregnancy.
  4. Among men Chlamydia can cause sterility or a significant reduction in quality and quantity of sperm.

Scientists from the US have successfully used stem cells to produce mature sperm, which were introduced in the testicles by injection. Soon it will be possible to create sperm for men who do not have their own. While men with low quality and quantity of semen can get help only by resorting to reproductive medicine, where there are no methods that would allow men to become fathers of their own genetic children.

Assisted reproductive technologies can offer only the use of donor material to fertilize the ovum of a partner.

Modern Aproach To The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Substantion The Relevance Of The Theme

Sexual sphere of man is an integral part of his overall health and significantly determines the quality of life and psycho-emotional well-being.

An adequate erection in the structure of the sexual cycle and is the main prerequisite for conducting sexual intercourse. In 2009, at the Congress of the International Society for the Study of Sexual Health (Paris), erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to achieve and (or) maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity, if these disorders are observed at least 3 months.

The average global incidence of erectile dysfunction for ages 1-10 and 40%, 40 to 49 years – 2-15%, 50 to 59 years – 20-40%, from 60 to 69 years – 40-50%, and the group older than 70 years reaches a maximum – up to 75%. According to the calculations J.B. McKinlay (2000), approximately 152 million men worldwide suffer from ED. It is expected that this figure over the next 25 years will double, reaching a value of 322 million patients. Smoking, excess food, leading to obesity, metabolic syndrome – the main factors of ED risk. Most patients have related cardiovascular and endocrine systems as atherosclerosis and diabetes, which in turn vitiate ED. Antihypertensive drugs also have a negative effect on sexual function of patients. Another important factor is a social problem: one in three divorced man the cause of the collapse of his marriage, he says the presence of ED. Stress, quarrels, dissatisfaction with life in general, and, as a consequence of all this – the sexual violation. Sexual dysfunction in men cause the development of sexual dysfunction in women, leading to complications range of sexual problems.

Recently, a new promising method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been opened (erectile disfunction – ED). It is called lower intensity shock wave therapy (shock wave therapy). Erection problems may be related to many factors: psychological and neurological disorders, stress, dissatisfaction with life, smoking, obesity, metabolic syndrome. But this technology is for people, the cause of erectile dysfunction which has become associated diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


  1. Gutersohn et al. (2000) demonstrated in vitro stimulation of angiogenesis when exposed to shock waves of low intensity tissue. Later, in 2004, T. Nishida et al. observed increased expression of a vascular growth factor (VEGF), and the corresponding vascular factor receptor (Flt-1) in cultured endothelial cells of human umbilical vein (Fig. 1).

The maximum level of VEGF expression was observed when exposed to the shock wave with the intensity of 0.09 mJ / mm2, which corresponds to approximately a tenth of the energy used for lithotripsy in treating urolithiasis. In 2005, S. Mariotto et al. in vitro showed that low-intensity shock wave increases II nitric oxide (NO).

Low-intensity shock wave therapy (NUVT) through stimulation of vascular growth factor and its receptors and increase the production of nitric oxide won versatile clinical applications: in cardiology for the treatment of coronary heart disease; in traumatology – to accelerate the consolidation of fractures, treatment of epicondylitis and heel spurs. The effects of low-intensity waves are also used in surgical practice to accelerate epithelialization neurotrophic ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as reducing periods of engraftment of transplanted skin graft.

Theoretical data, experimental studies and clinical observations suggest that NUVT will increase the production of nitric oxide, VEGF and Flt-1 receptors, thereby activate angiogenesis in the cavernous tissue and, consequently, improve sexual function of patients suffering from vascular form of ED. The first clinical studies have shown promising results of this assumption.



Extracorporeal shock wave therapy refers to a type of non-invasive procedures for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, when a special device formed special shock waves sent urologist in a specific area of the penis.

As a result of the shock of the packed cavernous bodies of the penis softening fibrosis (scar deformation in the cavernous bodies, resulting from impaired blood flow), resulting in a softening of the vessel walls due shock waves. This in a man run their own mechanisms for its recovery by the appearance of new, small blood vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis, contributing to the improvement of blood circulation, as well as oxygen saturation of the penis. The newly formed small blood vessels and arteries develop and carry more oxygen in the corpora cavernosa, which in turn improves the functioning of blood vessels of the penis.

However, it should be noted that in the treatment of impotence by shock wave therapy, the penis does not change their original natural size, and changing only the density – a man’s penis to become harder and more viable to a natural erection and ejaculation.

Medical examinations, which often include ultrasound (Doppler) of the penis, by doctors, urologists in the treatment of impotence, confirm the effectiveness of ESWT method – after undergoing the treatment course shocks the blood flow inside the penis increases at least 5-10 times.

That is why, at the Congress of the European Association of Urology, held in Madrid in March 2015, highly skilled doctors, urologists from around the world have adopted specific recommendations on the use of extracorporeal shock wave therapy as a monotherapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Either as a significant, additional physiotherapy technique in treatment of impotence using pharmaceuticals.


The main effects of the treatment of extracorporeal shock wave therapy urologists include:

  • resumption of morning erections: men do not experience it in the last 3-5 years after the passage of 2-3 procedures;
  • erection manifestation not only in the morning, but in the evening (night) time – after passing 4-5 x ESWL procedures;
  • complete physiological recovery intercourse after 5-6 th procedure in patients who could not fully carry out its mean penile flaccidity.

This medical practice of our doctors proves that the effectiveness of treatments for impotence treatment shock waves does not depend on age or on the severity of the problem with which the patient came to the reception to the urologist.


Generalized urological practice physicians around the world shows that, for the treatment of impotence shock-wave method is best suited three-month course, in the course of which the first three weeks is held 6 sessions. Within each procedure, a doctor treats a patient 6 zones sexual member. This is followed by a 3-week break, after which the remaining six procedures are carried out over the next three weeks. Experience urologists shows that even after the passage of half of treatment 100% of men noted a significant effect, and a good result from the treatment. Undoubtedly, the number of procedures and time-frames are selected individually urologist, in each case as a possible increase in the course of procedures, and their decrease, depending on the patient’s desired results. Long-term effect of a 3-month course of treatment of extracorporeal shock wave therapy is retained for one year (subject to the recommendations of the attending physician), then you want to re-pass the course of procedures.


The major limitations in the application of methods of extracorporeal shock wave therapy is the presence of tumor processes in the body of the patient:

  • tumors of the skin, in the projection of the penis and scrotum;
  • prostate cancer.

If this development is not available to you, you can follow some tips to prevent and treat this disease. You need to change the way of life, to get rid of bad habits, doing physical exercise, increases blood flow to organs and tissues, as well as do not forget about the benefits of fatty acids.